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Gabriela Mueller Mendoza. She is a catalyst, executive coach, and strategic advisor to leaders in tech, engineering, Olympic sports, and consulting. As an Inclusion and Diversity expert and executive Edu-trainer-coach, she owns a business, and she is an investor. Gabriela helps corporations to be future-ready. She is also an author, blogger, and podcaster with an unbeatable Latin/Swiss flavour. Originally from Mexico City, Gabriela has lived in Switzerland for the past 20 years. She holds a Computer Sciences BA University degree which served as a springboard to a global Executive coaching career. She worked for blue-chip tech giants in North America/Europe, and 19 years later became an international coach and keynote speaker. Her work now impacts small and large groups in over 80 countries.

Gabriela’s work has been described as a unique combination of success factors: as insightful as a TED Talk and as entertaining and memorable as a rock concert.

She brings modern tools, tactics, and strategies that solve problems. She helps clients gain two things: profit and growth for their people.

She is a mother of two teenagers and speaks English, Spanish, and German.

Please list your achievements so far.

  • BA on Computer Sciences University degree
  • Published a book to empower women in Stem fields “How to be a Smart Woman in STEM #science #tech #engineering #math launched at the University of Zurich in Switzerland (2019). AMAZON link here
  • Nominated as the coach of the year in 2018.
  • Her Podcast: The Smart Women Podcast” aims at empowering women in tech and engineering/business fields. It has been nominated as one of the most popular podcasts for women in business.
  • Gabriela Mueller has helped the two three tech giant companies attract and retain women before and during the pandemic (including a 17% increase of talent attraction rate).
  • In engineering Gabriela’s work has helped the top leaders in the sector to be names the bets places for women to work in this field, resulting in hiring o the top female talent in EMEA since the Pandemic started.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Speaker and Coach for EMEA in the DI experts network
  • Toastmasters European Champion 2004/2007- Humorous and Inspirational Speeches.
  • Gabriela Mueller invest in women-led tech companies and empowers women to invest in business and increase financial acumen to better their future.
  • Gabriela Mueller supports a Girls Home in her home-town Mexico City since 2009 and the social development project has been so successful that has won the award of the most sustainable model for three years in a row this includes digital skills for homeless girls to improve their chances in life
  • Professional Coach certification CTI and ICF
  • Master of Global Leadership IKF Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Emprendedora Mexicana en Donna mundo- reconocimiento 2016 (Award in LATAM)
  • Award Nominee of the Best Business Book of the year 2019
  • Recognition for Empowering Women and Girls in Sports by several international Olympic Sports federations, and National Olympic committees since 2007-today.
  • Award Women STEM 2019 – Finland

What are your top leadership qualities?

  1. Curiosity
  2. Empathy and good sense of humour
  3. Strategic mind in a daring visionary way. I recognize “blue oceans” in the market and take steps to be one step ahead of trends. This helps my clients be future-ready.
  4. I can inspire and empower clients even in the darkest moments of their development cycles, and allow them to see what I see in them: enormous potential.

How do you define Success?

The freedom to decide the life I lead, and the service I provide to others to create meaningful change.

Any suggestion/ thoughts for upcoming Entrepreneurs?

A piece of advice for anyone starting their own business or Endeavor:

“No one can tell you how much you are worth, or what your work is. That is on you. Start before you feel ready. If you are waiting for a perfect moment, or for having all the chips aligned to begin, that moment may never arrive. Start now. Coach Gabriela Mueller.”

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