Top 50 Marketing Influencers to Follow 2022

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Days are gone where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms were just used for communication. They are now powerful tools for doing business and improving profits. Fortunately, most companies have realised the importance of marketing (particularly digital marketing) and have begun to spend on it. This, however, is only half of the story.
Without great specialists, great marketing is impossible. There are, thankfully, some.

It would be surprising if marketing specialists didn’t use social media to create their personal brands. In most circumstances, the time comes when you wish to share your knowledge and experience with others. One of the reasons why professionals in one industry become influencers is because of this. Of course, there are marketing influencers that keep us up to date on the latest marketing trends, teach us new techniques and contribute to our professional development.

We’ve put up a list of the top marketing influencers to follow on Social Media if you want to broaden your knowledge, gain new insights, or get some inspiration. It would be beneficial for everyone to stay up with the best marketing pros, whether you are a business owner, marketer, or someone who is not from this area.

A quick disclaimer: This list is completely based on individual contributions to the industry and recent social activities. Do you think we missed someone – Suggest today to participate in upcoming lists.

Top 50 Marketing Influencers to Follow 2022 – List to Check

Ann Handley

Neil Patel

Lee Odden

Jeff Bullas

Joe Pulizzi

Clara Shih

Larry Kim

Jane Anderson

Mari Smith

Vladimer Botsvadze

Ramit Sethi

Keith Keller

Sujan Patel

Brian Solis

Marsha Collier

Michael Brenner

Earthwind Nichols

Christian Farioli

Andy Crestodina

Shweta Berry

Peter Winick

Joanna Wiebe

Rajesh Mehta

Felix Holzapfel

Rand Fishkin

Mark Schaefer

Michael A. Stelzner

Andrew Chen

Eric Siu

Stephanie Atkinson

Tobin Trevarthen

Lilach Bullock

Enrico Molinari

Margaret Molloy

Jennifer Polk

Neal Schaffer

Barry Schwartz

Chad S. White

Brianne Kimmel

Pegah Gol

Julia McCoy

Sean Ellis

David Meerman Scott

Christoph Trappe

Jon Miller

Heidi Cohen

Cyril Bladier

Mary Sheehan

Andrew Linick

Ardath Albee


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