Top Project/ Product Management Influencers to Follow in 2022

Project Management Influencers 2022

The concept of project/product management & leadership, particularly in today’s world, might be difficult to get hold on. We have a wide variety of “product owners” in a variety of fields. Leadership is also required in project management, to have a clear vision, clarity of reason, pragmatism in scheduling, and many other necessary attributes for rallying the team. A new form of leadership in project/product management has emerged in the digital age of social media: internet-based leadership. Some research suggests that consumers are more inclined to believe in a company’s products if the CEO is active on social media. Additionally, a whopping 78% of professionals said they would rather work for a company whose executives are active on social media.

To be a successful leader & product owner, you can use social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social channels for numerous purposes. When posting about a new initiative, they use it mostly for that purpose. Also, they can share advice, such as a well-known remark, or use it to create relationships with their followers by revealing personal details about themselves. Cheering and celebrating accomplishments with team in Scrums are two more common practices to gain positivity. The following is a list of the Top Project/ Product Management Influencers to Follow in 2022.

Top Project/ Product Management Influencers to Follow in 2022

Bob Sutton

Cornelius Fichtner

Mike Griffiths

Jurgen Appelo

Carlos J. Pampliega

Susanne Madsen

Mike Cohn

Jason Westland

Michael Kaplan

Lindsay Scott

Brad Egeland

Jennifer Bridges

Peter Taylor

Bill Dow

Rekha Venkatakrishnan

Mike Clayton

Johanna Rothman

Ben Aston

Hala Saleh

Ron Rosenhead

Patrice Embry

Brett Harned

Scott M. Graffius

Elizabeth Harrin

Soma Bhattacharya


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