App of the Week: Aura – Mindfulness, Sleep, Meditation

Aura - App of the Week

It is a fact that most of the poeple are benefited with “Aura- Mindfulness, Sleep, Meditaion” app that has more personlized options. You can have have unlimited access to meditations, life coaching, and stories from top coaches along with therapists around the world. It helps you transform your daily well-being, emotional health, and sleep better for brighter tomorrow.

Some of the key features of the most helpful Android app during this quarantine period is here 

Key Features

  • Thousands of meditations, stories, and life coaching from top mindfulness & life coaches
  • Create a daily, simple habit of self-care
  • More personalization options for stress, anxiety, okay, positive & motivated, or sad & depressed
  • Sleep restfully with sleep meditations, stories, music, sounds for insomnia
  • Helps you track your mood, learn about your mood patterns, and visually see yourself improve
  • You can get daily reminders for mindful breathers and meditations
  • Highly loved journal gratitude, learnings, insights, and reflections
  • Can get various relaxation & nature sounds like rain, thunder, forest
  • Music, hypnosis, unguided meditations with timer is an amazing feature that you must try
  • A perfect wellness coach for beginners to meditate


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