App of the Week: Youper – Emotional Health

Youper App

“Health is Wealth” is the common quote that everyone believes. Being healthy and fit is the foremost thing to consider for any journey to success. One can reach his/ her goal if their body and mind are fit and healthy. 

We know that this crucial time to stay healthy during the CORONA outbreak in the world. Youper is one of the best emotional health assistants that keeps your mind calm and lets you be active all time. Some of the key features of the most helpful Android app during this quarantine period is here 


  • Quick conversations that can change your day
  • Take control of your emotional health
  • Lets your conversations turned into a beautiful journal
  • Track and improve your mood
  • Meditations personalized to you
  • Helps in understanding yourself
  • Lets you discover your personality
  • Helps you to have sleep sounds
  • Effortlessly organize your mind and generate a beautiful journal
  • Understand your emotions with a beautiful mood tracker
  • Gain insights on anxiety, depression, and other symptoms
  • Take a personality test to understand yourself better
  • Integrate your experience with Google Fit to make self-help and self-care easy


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