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Vijeta Pai - Most Inspiring Business Leader 2021

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Vijeta is a Program Manager and Technical Evangelist with experience implementing strategies and trainings globally to provide a competitive edge to organizations in diverse, evolving customer environments. She is a GCP Certified and Accredited Leader, who is recognized by Google as an Expert (GDE) in Google Cloud. She’s the founder of Cloud Demystified, and working on her passion to demystify Cloud technologies using web comics, animated videos, and infographics. She has given presentations, talks, workshops and webinars on Cloud technologies at various colleges, technical conferences, Google Developer Group meetups, and TEDx events. A storyteller and technical enthusiast by heart, she wants to use her experience to grow, give back to the profession and make technology accessible, fast, scalable and reliable.

Please list your achievements so far.

Vijeta has the following achievements (in 2021):

  1. Finalist for the eWOW (Empowered Women of the World) Global awards 2021 for Entrepreneurship.
  2. Recognized by Google as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for leading Cloud Demystified to evangelize adoption of Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Conducted 20 webinars, talks, workshops, published 8 articles and 7 web comics across the Globe on Cloud technologies. Total impact of 110,000+ viewers worldwide.
  4. Mentored 5 startups for Google’s Startup Clinic program in India, increasing traffic and user experience through UI/UX improvements and Cloud adoption.
  5. Mentored women leaders as a part of WomenTech Network mentoring program worldwide.

What are your top leadership qualities?

  1. Empathy
  2. Confidence
  3. Lifelong passion to learn and grow

How do you define Success?

Success is not doing big things overnight, but doing small things with big impact- one day at a time.

Any suggestion/ thoughts for upcoming Entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself, and remember failure is just a stepping stone towards the mountain of success.

Social links: Cloud Demystified Website | LinkedIn

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