Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Vladimer Botsvadze

Founder & CEO @ Botsvadze Marketing Solutions

Vladimer Botsvadze is a globally-renowned, multi-award winning, digital transformation and social media influencer, Fortune 500 consultant, thought leader, professor, keynote speaker, and TV commentator. He has been called ''the world's best digital marketing consultant and speaker'', ''a visionary and an early adopter in the digital realm'', and ''a wizard at social media''. He has achieved the No. 1 Marketing, AI, Retail, Management, Sales, Digital Transformation, and Innovation global ranking by Thinkers360. He is ranked No. 2 Global Retail Tech Influencer by GlobalData. Onalytica included him among Top 100 B2B Marketing, Top 100 Digital Transformation, Top 100 Fintech, and Top 100 VR Influencers. He has won 200 global awards. He is among the world's Top 20 Social Media and Marketing Speakers by Social Media Club in 2020. Vladimer is ranked among the Top 500 Most Influential Investors and Entrepreneurs by Crunchbase alongside Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, Jessica Alba, and others. He is a speaker at Global Entrepreneurship Network where he inspires audiences to build their startups. Vladimer has risen to global prominence by becoming a top influencer on Twitter (56,600 followers), LinkedIn (24,200 followers) and Instagram (11,000 followers), a total of 125,000 engaged followers from 1142 cities and 185 countries across all his social media platforms. His work inspires 40 million people annually on Twitter where his insights impact global businesses. His work focuses on the intersection of storytelling, practicality, consumer behavior, and social media marketing.

Vladimer is widely recognized for his visionary leadership and trailblazing innovation. Through his consulting, speaking, teaching, startup advising, and mentoring services, companies have grown from a groundbreaking idea into the fastest growing companies. He has been recommended by the professionals from London Business School, Google, KPMG, MasterCard, AC Milan, Forrester Research, PepsiCo, Dell, Accenture, and other leading global brands. Top brands achieved $3.5B growth in revenue through Vladimer's practical marketing growth strategies. His clients attain record-breaking success and he has been interviewed by TV channels, radio shows, podcast episodes on topics related to social media and digital transformation. Vladimer is a member of CMO Council, IoT Council, IoT Premier League, Global Entrepreneurship Network, XR4ALL, Amsterdam Economic Board - Amsterdam Smart City, Sydney Startup Hub, Singapore Startup Hub, ResearchGate, D&AD, and Singularity University. Vladimer is ranked among Top 500 professionals by Crunchbase alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Alba, LeBron James and others. He has been interviewed by Onalytica, Thinkers360, Emerging Europe, Kred, and Engati Engage. Vladimer has been recommended 30 times on LinkedIn by the world's leading brands and his results have always exceeded expectations. Therefore, his clients have reinvented themselves in the digital age, achieved record-breaking success and they are prepared for the connected future. Across the globe, he makes marketing more human and delivers powerful results, so brands become strong, smart, and strategic. Vladimer's keynote speeches bring you more new ideas and more sales.

Vladimer is leading a movement to help executives discover practicality in marketing and he has devoted his life to sharing his actionable tips on social media and digital marketing that help managers build their personal brands. He delivers keynote speeches at tech and marketing summits, advises Fortune 500 brands, mentors top executives, delivers lectures at Financial Times top 100 business schools, and advises startups worldwide. The world sees his extensive industry knowledge and some of the reasons why so many successful managers utilize his practical strategies when it comes to marketing, economics, retail, management, and artificial intelligence. He has worked on billion-dollar marketing projects with Fortune 500 brands and his practical marketing and social media strategies have inspired the top executives to quadruple their results.

As a tech speaker, Vladimer serves as an investor and advisor to companies. He has developed an outstanding stage presence who delivers inspiring talks. He helps brands, executives, and entrepreneurs see the future differently. He inspires audiences to think outside the box and sets a new standard on how brands maximize their success online. He is a renowned influencer and a frequent visitor to all continents where he is on a mission to make a difference and impact as many business owners as possible.

Vladimer's motto is Henry Ford's quote: ''Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.'' Millions of people have utilized his strategies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Istanbul, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney. As the world's No. 1 Marketing, AI, Sales, Retail and Management thought leader by Thinkers360, he is frequently invited to top business schools, organizations, conferences, and podcast episodes to deliver his talks. With an outstanding global audience of 125,000 people, game-changing projects bring him to inspire managers all over the world. He frequently visits the UK to speak at top universities to share his award-winning expertise with students. He's always ready to join conferences, panel discussions, and roundtables to inspire audiences with world-class insights on the latest trends. Business schools, Fortune 500 brands, and conferences stay ahead of the game because of his partnerships. Also, top brands achieve massive visibility and he works on influencer marketing programs with Fortune 500 brands.

He is always driven to work with top executives to successfully contribute to their marketing goals. He has proven success in delivering world-class marketing strategies. Vladimer is ranked by Klear and Kred in the top 1% of global social media influencers. Millions of people around the world have recognized his inspirational insights. Millionaire entrepreneurs seek his advice and presentations, masterclasses and online publications turn managers into practitioners. Vladimer has been praised by American Airlines, Intel, and Jaguar for his unparalleled experience, unrivaled track record and unmatched professionalism. If you wish to maximize your success, he's always the right person to have him at your event, corporate meeting, or lecture to inspire your audience.

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