Thursday, March 2, 2023

Ravalika Medipally

Any Chances for a Bad Manager to become a Good Leader?

Science now validates what many business leaders already believe: successful leadership requires more than just brilliance, competence, and foresight to be effective. Only the impact on others can reveal a leader's genuine influence. A leader's behavior immediately affects the...

Digital Transformation: Is it a Technology Problem?

Despite the fact that Digital Transformation spending is expected to exceed $2 trillion by 2023, 87 percent of businesses have yet to reap the full benefits of their digital investments. Companies are aware of the dangers of not adopting...

What is the Future of Remote Work? Problems and Solutions are Here

It's doubtful that the trend toward remote work will get back to normal. Distance and virtual labor, on the other hand, limit what managers may see, particularly when employees fail to meet expectations. Why an employee isn't making the...

Top 10 Future Technology Trends – Insights for New Future

Technology! Technology!! Technology!!! World is just running back technology - it can Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Voice Assistants, Robots, etc. Common people or Businesses - technology became a part of their lives. So let's sit back and...

Technologies that will Transform Human Life in 2025

The number of things that have been connected by IoT, have long ago surpassed the number of people existing on this planet. And very soon, the technological world will connect and automate our worlds beyond imagination. The human API...

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10 Best Knowledge Management Software 2023

One of the most important aspects of running a business is satisfying your customers. Although there are numerous ways...
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