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Top 15 Cyber Security Influencers on Twitter (May 2020)

Technology changes the way we are living, and it has an equal ratio of benefits and risks. Cyber Security is one such area where risks are growing in frequency and scale. We have tons of data-pushed on to search...

Top 32 Digital Transformation Influencers on Twitter (May 2020)

It is a known fact that IT is growing day-by-day irrespective of the situation around the world. It is due to the IT companies and technology geeks that made people sit at home and monitor happenings without stepping outside....

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influencers on Twitter – 2020

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Influencers on Twitter A quick disclaimer: This list is completely our own opinions. If we missed someone? Suggest Here You can also watch Cloud Computing Influencers, Digital Transformation Influencers & Cyber Security Influencers.

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Barry Napier: CEO & Chairman of Cubic Telecom

Please provide a brief description YOURSELF. Barry Napier is the CEO and Chairman of Cubic Telecom. Napier has resourceful experience...
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