It is a known fact that the majority of businesses are showing interest in online-based events and networking opportunities. Women from various industries are also playing an important role in the growth of their business. We figured out that this is a better time to find Women in Tech to track and connect on social media. And we have brought the top 50 Women in Tech for 2020 to the next level creating the best list from The Awards Magazine. Follow them to get updates on their work and technology.

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Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers – 2020:

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary

: @TamaraMcCleary
: /tamaramccleary/

Fei-Fei Li

: @drfeifei
: /fei-fei-li-4541247

Sandy Carter

: @sandy_carter
: /sandyacarter/

Dalith Steiger

: @DalithSteiger
: /dalith-steiger

Marsha Collier

: @MarshaCollier
: /marshacollier/

Allie K. Miller

: @alliekmiller
: /alliekmiller/
Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso

: @LindaGrass0
: /linda-grasso-335b34139/

Kate Crawford

: @katecrawford
: /kate-crawford-a66574/

Shira Rubinoff

: @Shirastweet
: /shirarubinoff


Theo - 劉䂀曼
: @psb_dc
: /theodoralau/

Stacey Higginbotham

: @gigastacey

Helen Yu

Helen Yu
: @YuHelenYu
: /tigonhyu/

Rana el Kaliouby

: @kaliouby
: /kaliouby/

Rachel Miller

: @rachelloumiller
: /rachellmiller

Jo Peterson

: @digitalcloudgal
: /jopeterson1

Paula Piccard

Paula Piccard
: @Paula_Piccard
: /paulapiccard/

Danielle Guzman

: @guzmand
: /guzmandanielle/

Jen Stirrup

: @jenstirrup
: /jenstirrup/

Diana Adams

: @adamsconsulting
: /diana-adams-3a8454109/

Taryn Southern

: @TarynSouthern
: /tarynsouthern/

Salema Rice

: @SalemaRice
: /sjrice/

Audrey DeSisto

: @AudreyDesisto
: /audreydesisto/

Cathy Hackl

: @CathyHackl
: /cathyhackl/

Severine Lienard

: @SeverineLienard
: /severinelienard/

Christine Boursin

: @chboursin
: /christine-boursin-35241298/

Julie Carpenter

: /julieacarpenter/
Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris

: @k8em0

Catherine Adenle

Catherine Adenle
: @CatherineAdenle
: /catherineadenle/

Elitsa Krumova

: /elitsa-krumova/
: @Eli_Krumova

JoAnn Stonier

: /joann-stonier-5540b86/

Hazlo Emma

: @Hazloe3

Tina Gravel

: @tgravel
: /tinagravel/

Anja Hoffmann

: @AnjaHoffmann
: /hoffmannanja/

Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland
: @JaneFrankland
: /janefrankland/

Jennifer Pahlka

: @pahlkadot
: /jpahlka/


: @mallys_
: /mallys-nm-5a126a142/

Hilary Mason

: @hmason
: /hilarymason/


: @FlashTweet

Cara Dailey

: /cara-dailey-34b1061a/

Chelsea L. Andrews

: @Chels_LA
: /chelsealarsonandrews/

Janet Schijns

: @channelsmart
: /janetschijns/

Caroline Hyde

: @CarolineHydeTV
: /caroline-hyde-23002628/

April Rudin

: @TheRudinGroup
: /aprilrudin/

Peggy Tsai

: @peggy_tsai
: /peggy-tsai-data/

Maxine Mackintosh

: @Maxi_Macki
: /maxinemackintosh/

Rosalind Picard

: @rosalindpicard
: /rosalind-picard-0111bb/

Veda Thomas Bawo

: /vjthomasbawo/

Dr. Angelica Lim

: @petitegeek
: /angelicajeannelim/


: @rmogha
: /rashimmogha/

Kelly Barner

: @BuyersMeetPoint
: /kelly-barner-6884443/


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  1. Another great profile from Spain is Veronica Pascual (Twitter: @veronicapascboe & LinkedIn).

    CEO Europe’s Leader Robotics Company (AGV’s), Telefonica’s Board Member, Endeavor’s Entrepreneur….

  2. Thank you The Awards Magazine 🏆.
    I am so grateful for being recognized among many friends in this community.
    Congratulations too to all the Top 50 Women Influencers to Follow in 2020 – Lets lift up other influencers, global leaders and thought leaders too whether in Tech, in business, …


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