Linda Grasso

Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl

Linda Grasso is Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl, an Italian Innovative Startup active in the world of R&D Consulting. She’s an Industrial Engineer and her mission is the Project Management in Disruptive Tech fields through the use of both Operational and Strategic Planning Approach. Furthermore, Linda is an accredited Innovation Manager and considered among the top Digital Transformation Influencers & Thought Leaders. She strongly believes in empowering Women in Tech and their Leadership Skills for a Better Sustainable Future.

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Top 32 Digital Transformation Influencers on Twitter (May 2020)

It is a known fact that IT is growing day-by-day irrespective of the situation around the world. It is due to the IT companies...

Linda's Talk on Various Technology/ Business Related Questions

What is the impact of COVID19 on the Workforce at Companies?

The COVID-19 has put a strain on everyone. All companies, regardless of their size, faced and are still facing serious difficulties to survive in a global scenario brought to knees by the pandemic...

What are the 3 Technologies that will Play a Major Role in 2025?

I believe technology will be a fundamental pillar in our near future, as it allows us to bring innovation and benefits in almost every area of our lives...

How Business Should Prepare for the Next Pandemic?

You can, and you can’t prepare for the next crisis. I guess the most important thing I tell all startups – that want to listen – save enough money to survive as long as possible..

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