Team Building Games That Can Be Done Remotely

Team Building Games That Can Be Done Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic abruptly shut down offices across the globe and has ushered in a new era of remote working. With this trend still continuing in the foreseeable future, team leaders and managers have to ask: How can virtual teams maintain corporate culture and foster relationships?

Fortunately, there are effective methods to manage teams despite the distance, including screen sharing apparatuses, output tracking, and regular meetings. And to promote team building and interpersonal relationships, here are some games you can play with your remote working team!

If you are looking for a game that will bring your team closer together while developing (or laughing at) your artistic skills, is perfect for you! This online game is basically Pictionary.

Each player will join a private team room, where they will each take turns drawing a selected word. Once time is up, the other players will guess what has been drawn. The player who guesses the quickest will receive the most points, and of course, the one with the most points at the end is the winner.

Cards Against Humanity

Since this well-known card game is popular among groups of friends for its unconventional humor, it is not typically advisable for conservative work environments. But if you want to get a few laughs with your team, you can give Cards Against Humanity a try. Just be sure to warn your teammates beforehand!

The online game follows the same rules as the original. A player will draw a card that contains a question or a sentence to be completed. The other players will each take their turn in answering the question or filling in the gaps using their cards on hand. The funniest answer, as judged by the player who drew the card, will win. In the online version, players can even add images and GIFs to drive home their point.


Speaking of card games, why not turn to a beloved classic? Poker is the perfect team building game. That’s because it lets your team members get to know each other and their playing styles more, while also developing your strategic thinking, since poker requires you to think of ways to defeat your opponent without revealing emotions. The bond that happens over a game of poker can be translated into increased trust and motivation in the team, which can then result in better relationships.

If you are looking for platforms to play in, sites like PlayWSOP and Zynga Poker allow you to create virtual poker rooms to play without any money involved. But if you would like to add a little more excitement, then your team can play poker for real money on platforms like PokerStars Home Games. Just be sure to explain all the mechanics and sign-up processes to your team to ensure security and reliability before you start!

Catan Universe

First released almost thirty years ago, Catan is one of the highest-rated board games of all time. Here, players assume the roles of settlers, and they each have to build their homes, cities, and roads while trading, spending, and accumulating resources. As the settlements grow, players earn more points. The first one to reach a set number of points, usually ten, wins.

In 2017, the online version of this game, called Catan Universe, was launched for free on Steam, iOS, and Android platforms. You can ask your team to download the app for your next team meeting, or you can simply play for free through the website. In this way, you can test your team’s strategy and management skills!

Among Us

But if you want to test your teammates’ problem-solving (and impostor) skills, Among Us is the game for you. During the pandemic it became one of the most played online multiplayer games, so much so that its developers cancelled the sequel to focus on improving user experience.

The free mobile game forces a group of at most ten players to cooperate and look for the impostor among them before all their tasks are sabotaged and all the players are killed. When a player has a hunch on who that is, a meeting can be called. This is where an investigation — and further deception — will happen.

The next time you want to enhance your team’s communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, feel free to play any of the games listed above. But remember, any improvements in employee performance and productivity are just an added bonus that you can get from participating in fun and challenging games. The goal here is to take a break from work and enjoy each other’s presence every once in a while!


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