Metaverse – How will it make Money using Your Face?

Metaverse – How will it make Money using Your Face?

Several patents have been filed by Meta, Facebook’s parent firm, which would allow it to track Metaverse users’ facial expressions and use the extrapolated data to target advertisements based on their interests. In this post, we’ll show you how the new technology can turn your face into cash. Let us get to details now.

Metaverse – What is it?

Firstly, this technology is geared towards the Metaverse, not at Facebook or other social media platforms. When Facebook renamed itself Meta in October 2021, it also announced that it was working on a new project – Metaverse. However, Facebook is the name of the site you use to communicate with friends and family.

The Metaverse would be a virtual reality world in which you could walk around and engage with other people and other things you’d identify with social media through an avatar—a digital representation of yourself. The reality of the Metaverse is likely to be a lot more bland, corporate, and explicitly oriented at making its parent business, Meta, money than these two fictitious universes. People assumed that this would mean bombarding users with adverts, like how Facebook already makes money.

Personalized Ads

It appears that the Metaverse will be just as much about you looking at advertisements as it is about you are looking at other people’s avatars. Like Facebook’s ads, those on the Metaverse will be targeted. As a result, Meta will target you with relevant advertising based on the data it has collected about you.

To simplify things, let’s suppose you live in New Mexico. Meta can easily determine this by looking at your IP address or the location information you’ve given into Facebook. To get a more accurate picture of who you are, organisations such as Meta can use powerful data collection and sorting algorithms. Even though it’s difficult to determine exactly what information Facebook has on you, similar technology has been used to accurately predict a wide range of personal characteristics.

They can make all these predictions based on your online activity. These and many other data points can be used to develop a profile of you, including what you click on, who you connect with, how often you click, and where you are. That information is then utilised to show you relevant advertising.

You can see for yourself how this works by visiting the websites of several used vehicle dealerships. If you do, you may notice an increase in the number of Facebook advertising for used cars. You should expect to see more adverts for aircraft tickets if you start looking up vacation spots. If you don’t want Facebook to collect this information, you can utilise a virtual private network (VPN).

Facial Recognition in the Metaverse

We already know how Metaverse will make money when it goes online, even if you can’t jump in right now because it won’t be for years. Aside from the methods and technology that made Facebook a world-class company, Meta appears to be betting heavily on several emerging technologies, particularly facial recognition.


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