Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tony Moroney

Co-Founder of The Digital Transformation Lab, Cork University Business School

Tony is the Founder & Managing Partner of Beta Digital, a specialist strategy & digital transformation advisory firm.
He is also a Co-Founder of The Digital Transformation Lab, Cork University Business School, a Think-Tank for digital transformation. In addition, Tony is the Programme Director and primary lecturer for Digital Leadership at the Irish Management Institute. He also lectures on FinTech and Digital Transformation for the MSc in FinTech Innovation at Munster Technological University.
Tony’s career has spanned both industry and international consulting. He specialises in strategy, business model innovation, digital transformation, change management, financial services and FinTech. Tony was recognised as a Top 10 Thought Leader for Digital Disruption for 2022 by Thinkers 360, a Top Influencer for 2021/22 by Engati, and a Top 100 Global Thought Leader for 2020 by the Awards Magazine.

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