Top 15 Cloud Computing Influencers Bringing Revolution into the World of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Influencers of twitter & linkedin - 2020

Cloud Computing – We can say it as the life of Technology where businesses cannot survive fully without the dedicated services of Cloud Computing. There is probably no business technology matter with more column inches dedicated to it than cloud technologies available. You might have heard a lot about cloud computing and it’s perfectly fine if you did not understand it. We are here to break it for you. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet and pay-as-you-go model. In cloud computing, the data centers rent cloud storage or applications from the providers. The meaning of renting is that the companies can avoid paying the full cost of the software. 

Just like Digital Transformation Influencers & Artificial Intelligence Influencers, there are also influencers in the cloud computing world. Here in this list, we have gathered some of the top cloud computing influencers who are doing their best and bringing more changes and productivity in the tech industry.

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Meet Top 15 Cloud Computing Influencers – 2020

Vala Afshar

Vala Afshar - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @ValaAfshar
: /vala-afshar-3030021
BIO: Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce, Vala Afshar is a force to be reckoned with. With many titles under his belt, he is the co-host of the weekly show DisrupTV providing the insights and tips to businessmen. Writing as a columnist for ZDNet. Considered as best in the industry by Forbes and Gartner, he is a social media influencer and a successful leader who contributes his ideas I famous publications like Huffington Post. Vala has also written a bestseller book named The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence. 

Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @imoyse
: /ianmoyse
BIO: A guest blogger, keynote speaker, and Social influencer, Ian Moyse is a big package deal. With the industry experience of more than 25 years, he is currently the Sales Director at Cloud Telephony giant Natterbox. He is passionate about technology and is counted as one of the most influential keynote speakers. He considers himself as an ambitious sales leader.

Simon Porter

Simon Porter - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @simonlporter
: /simonlporter
BIO: A Leading Cloud, Big Data and IoT influencer, Simon Porter is a giant in the world of cloud computing influencers. He is experienced in almost all of the fields. He is known for establishing many international setups and leading many of the billion-dollar companies in the software and made them more powerful.

Jo Peterson 

Jo Peterson - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @digitalcloudgal
: /jopeterson1
BIO: Currently working as Vice President of cloud service practice at reputated Clarify360 Jo Peterson is a rockstar cloud computing influencer. Mostly she helps new clients swim through the complicated world of cloud by making them migrate, operate, optimize the cloud, and getting hybrid footprints. She is recognized widely because of her work skills and talent and has been awarded many titles in the past. A Part of Forbes Technology Council, she also walks around with the title of Female Tech Champion.

Kevin L. Jackson

Kevin L. Jackson - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @kevin_jackson
: /kjackson
BIO: Kevin L. Jackson is nothing less than a celebrity when we talk of the technical influencing world. He is globally recognized as a Cloud Computing Influencer and also a cybersecurity expert. A Professor at Tulane University, Kevin L. Jackson is an author and an influencer of the digital world. However, he has also served the US Navy for almost 15 years.

Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @sandy_carter
: /sandyacarter
BIO: Current Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sandy does not need any introduction. Heading Amazon Web Services like a pro, she is always on top of her game. Calling herself a geek in digital marketing, sales, a good leader, and client success- she sums herself up. With her talent and intelligence, Sandy earned her spot in the list of top 10 women in technology and has managed ever since to be one.

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @digitalfawad
: /fawadakhan1
BIO: A Leader in Digital and Cloud Transformation, Fawad is an author, a mentor, and a big name in technology influencing. His innovative methods of operation in service delivery and partner/customer experience has garnered him a lot of success and fame. He is an influencer who deals with AI, Machine Learning, Hybrid computing, and IoT.

Antonio Vieira Santos

Antonio Vieira Santos - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @AkwyZ
: /antoniovieirasantos
BIO: Everyone’s guy to go to when needed services related to digital transformation, Antonio is the influencer to go to. An Atos workplace expert, he provides services and digital consultancy across many fields like customer experience, social media analytics, and social business, etc. He is a tech-savvy who knows how to use digital platforms to gain the fullest.

Jason Bloomberg

Jason Bloomberg - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @TheEbizWizard
: /jasonbloomberg
BIO: The president of a leading digital company Intellyx, Jason Bloomberg is a sort of cloud computing wizard. Also an author, an IT expert, and a famous expert on multiple disruptive trends in the field of digital transformation and enterprise technology. One of the top tens in the list of top 50 global thought leaders, it is not much to ponder about the kind of enigma Jason Bloomberg is. 

Mark Lynd

Mark Lynd - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @mclynd
: /marklynd
BIO: Named as Entrepreneur of Year by Earnest & Young, Mark Lynd is an enigma. A C-level Innovator, Mark is a specialist in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Private Equity, Crypto, CIO, Cloud, Venture, Big Data, and Blockchain. He is an army veteran and believes that the business and its growth depend on how you market it and what technology you use. He is also a keynote speaker and quite a good one.

Bill Mew

Bill Mew - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @billmew
: /billmew
BIO: As cool as the name sounds, so is the personality of Bill Mew. CEO and Founder at Crisis Team, Bill is an advocate for the importance of ethics in the world of technology. Fighting for the rights of people who are cyber-attacked, Bill is a hardcore tech-savvy and believes that the right digital tools can change the whole infrastructure if used ethically and smartly.

Chelsea L. Andrews

Chelsea L. Andrews - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @Chels_LA
: /chelsealarsonandrews
BIO: An active blogger with a beautiful personality, Chelsea is Co-Founder of TechMode. Expert in social media campaigns, B2B Marketing, sales, social growth hacking, content production, digital marketing, and event coordination, Chelsea is all in one package. And with all these skills, she is one of the most sought after for her services.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @jeffbarr
: /jeffbarr
BIO: The guy needs no introduction. Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, he knows A to Z of cloud computing. With a great sense of humor, he mixes the knowledge with fun and makes the complex technology interesting. He is world-known for his amazing work. Jeff Barr writes blogs on different topics related to Cloud computing for which the techno enthusiasts wait eagerly.

Stephane Bureau

Stephane Bureau - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @SBUCloud
: /stephane-bureau
BIO: An influencer and founder of Social4u, he deals in Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Microsoft, and Hybrid Cloud. He writes blogs and provides consulting in various fields. Follow him on Twitter and read more about his works.

Paul Colmer

Paul Colmer - Cloud Computing Influencer Find Me on Social Media
: @digitalcolmer
: /paulcolmer
BIO: A Cloud Computing enthusiast, Paul Colmer is a rising influencer and will keep rising as there is no end to his expertise. Paul Colmer is a digital architect, a coach, and a trainer and teaches those who want to learn cloud computing. A compelling storyteller and a stand-up comedian, he believes in spreading knowledge more than keeping it to him and making money. He teaches custom courses according to clients’ needs in subjects such as scaled agile, Office 365, and Cloud Security.


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