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Fastest Growing Companies 2021 - Exponential Digital Health
Name of the Company: Exponential Digital Health
CEO and Founder: Cristian Cortés Fernández

Fastest Growing Companies 2021Digital Magazine

Please write about your company in detail and the services you provide:

We created the first virtual therapists, aquatic and land mode, using a mixed reality lens (union between virtual and augmented), natural language processing and machine learning, to guide a digitized methodology of exercises with the highest scientific evidence, including nutritional advice and gamification when interacting with virtual objects (eating fruits, save marine animals, destroy viruses and catch legendary monsters), turning the session into a game, increasing adherence to treatment, according to objective and health condition, to rehabilitate injuries, eliminate diseases and promote healthy lifestyles, from the comfort of your home. In addition, they are integrated into a clinic with doctors and digital influencers who recommend them.
We have 4 differentiating attributes:

  1. Platforms with virtual therapists, based on machine learning, mixed reality and gamification.
  2. Innovative exercise methodology, based on Clinical Reasoning, Training Principles and Physical Exercise Prescription, validated with +700 sessions in people of different ages and health conditions (pregnancy, obesity, chronic diseases and body pain, in the water), digitized in software.
  3. Integrated in a Clinic interoperable with health systems, through high international standards (Snomed-CT, HL7/FHIR, GDPR and HIPAA), with doctors and digital influencers who recommend them.
  4. Triple impact, because by carrying out Kaenz or Kaibaz, they improve people’s well-being and healthy habits, helping the environment with their products (eco-design and circular economy).

How did you get your idea for your business?

Previously, we failed in two companies that we founded, but we learned valuable lessons, which led us to create this new startup with a scientific-technological base in digital health, to take advantage of this unique opportunity, which generated the global pandemic in the healthtech industry and We are motivated to generate an impact on society, by solving health problems derived from sedentary life, using disruptive technologies to scale and achieve our purpose “Health becomes a reality”. On the other hand, $68B is lost each year in health and productivity due to physical inactivity. In addition, the WHO indicates that 60% of the world population is sedentary, causing health problems for 2,000 million people, such as body aches, tiredness, stress, obesity and various diseases, generating absenteeism, medical leave and low productivity. These data are prior to the arrival of the pandemic, which have been intensified by quarantine and telework, negatively impacting people on a psychological, physical and work level.

How is your company keeping up the pace with the emerging developments in the market?

All of our science-based technology startup at healthtech is aligned with our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): Health becomes a reality! Because we address a global problem, through the use of innovation, creativity and exponential technologies (Mixed
Reality, Digital Humans, Machine Learning and Big data), managing a world of abundance with EXO attributes. We have a Lean culture of experimentation with data driven using dashboards (OKR) and interfaces with advanced talent distributed on demand, relying on social technologies. On the other hand, our core is artificial intelligence algorithms and automated processes, which are nourished with the data and experiences of our users when using Virtual Therapists (Kaenz and Kaibaz), to improve engagement and adherence to treatment with gamification. Finally, we have created Asdisal, the most relevant community in healthtech startups with 256 members from 20 Iberoamerican countries, promoting networks and collaboration synergies.

How do you ensure the quality of services in your company?

Since the team discovered this mindset of abundance, applying exponential technologies from the referents of Singularity University, Exponential Medicine, Exponential Organizations and ExO Community, they have inspired us to work on the great challenges of humanity in health with various ideas, innovations and creativity, which is embodied in the culture and purpose of Exponential Digital Health.

What kind of clients do you serve?

Customer Segment: Patients with health problems, which can be solved with an optimal prescription of physical exercise and rehabilitation, such as body aches, fatigue, stress, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and various pathologies, which generate absenteeism, medical leave and low productivity , who want to access technological services and products of digital health, that solve their problems in a simple, safe way and in the comfort of their home, without transfers, valuing their time.

How is your company keeping up with technological advancements? How does it help you in staying ahead in the market?

Our Commercializable Technological Product has solved different challenges, iterations and validations, so that it works with the following attributes, in Kinceb (Digital Clinic), integrating two platforms or apps (iOS, Android and Huawei) with the first Virtual Therapists of the world (Kaenz and Kaibaz), based on a mixed reality lens (union between virtual and augmented) with wireless headphones, with development of 3D environments for video games and gamification (Unity), architecture with cloud microservices (AWS), to be interoperable with standards in health systems (HL7/FHIR), which analyzes smart patient data and smartphone sensors, applying data bioengineering, biomarker analysis and mathematical modeling with neural network algorithms (Machine Learning), to personalize and correct the exercise methodology, based on Clinical Reasoning, Training Principles, Prescription of Physical Exercise and articles of the last 5 years with level of scientific evidence Ia and Ib, according to the Oxford Scale. Digital Humans use GTP-3 (OpenAI) and MetaHuman (Unreal). Also, our products incorporate ecodesign and circular economy, for greater durability, hygiene and without waste to the environment, including Amazon logistics to distribute them anywhere in the world, from their warehouses.

In conclusion, all these processes involve an orchestration of development, scientific research, innovation and application of various disruptive technologies, which are being developed by the main global leaders that allow us to deliver a unique and innovative solution, capable of scaling to new markets.

What are the methods used from your end to keep your employees motivated? What approaches do you implement to evaluate their success?

  1. To align a technology-science-based startup in healthtech, it is very relevant to empower the entire team with a clear Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP) and address a global problem.
  2. We live in a changing world with great opportunities and abundance, which must be channeled by applying the 10 ExO attributes (IDEAS and SCALE) and exponential technologies are necessary to scale our innovations.
  3. The power of networking and collaboration are fundamental when leading communities that share your purpose, values and vision.

Regarding the metrics or KPIs, we have created an Organization with the potential to scale to different markets with a minimum of resources, by implementing ExO attributes, delivering greater value and an exquisite experience to our clients, differentiating ourselves from the competition. In addition, during the last 5 years, we have received different awards: Third place at Ignite: International Conference of Startups in Silicon Valley (2018); selected as a disruptive company in the Exponential Medicine of the Singularity University (2019); Finalists of the Company Builder Transfer AP (Pacific Alliance) applying the EBELI method (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) (2020); Health Innovation Award (2020); ExO Entrepreneur Latam (2021); “Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2021” for Medika Life and finally, generating networks and collaboration synergies, by being part of communities such as Asdisal (Healthtech Startups of Iberoamerica), Chilean Association of Immersive Experiences (ACHEI), XR Latam and Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin America (ASELA-USA).

What are the achievements and accolades the company is proud of?

Create a world-class team, led by 100% dedicated founders (CEO: Cristian Cortés, COO: Beatriz Isler and CTO: Carlos Neira) who have worked together for +13 years in different health projects, who complement each other and share values ( excellence, integrity and deep respect at the service of people), constantly adapting to achieve the purpose that “health becomes a reality”. Creators of the first virtual therapists (Kaenz and Kaibaz), Digital Clinic (Kinceb) and the Asdisal community, made up of 256 healthech startups in Iberoamerica. We won third place in the International Conference of Startups in Silicon Valley (2018), we were selected as a disruptive company in the Exponential Medicine of the Singularity University (2019), Health Innovation Award (2020), ExO Emprendedor Latam (2021) and “Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2021 “for Medika Life. Finally, we are part of the Chilean Association of Immersive Experiences (ACHEI); XR Latam Community and Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin America (ASELA-USA).

How are you giving back to society? (CSR if Any?)

Innovation generates a triple impact (economic, social and environmental), considering it a B Company, because every time our clients hold sessions with virtual therapists (Kaenz and Kaibaz) integrated in the Digital Clinic (Kinceb), they improve their health, well-being, quality of life and at the same time, they help the environment with their products (eco-design, circular economy and low energy consumption).

Positive social externality: It improves the quality of life of our users, making them healthier, more productive and happier people. In addition, it reduces worldwide the curves of infected by coronavirus, hospitalizations and burden of health systems, generating a great economic and public health impact.

Positive environmental externality: We promote the circular economy and ecodesign in our products, to increase durability, hygiene and thus avoid the generation of waste and waste. In addition, we reduce CO2 air pollution by eliminating patient journeys to clinics. Finally, all our interfaces (web and app) are in dark mode, to reduce electricity consumption and avoid eye damage.


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