An Initiation for a Healthy Society – Organic Rice Coffee

Name of the Company: Organic Rice Coffee
CEO and Founder: Gy Gaspar

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Please write about your company in detail and the services you provide.

Organic Rice Coffee is a product that direct from newly harvest rice of our great FARMERS of licab nueva ecija i convert into coffee and sell it private and in social media to promote local products and help people to have work as there extra income.

How did you get your idea for your business?

My x husband before was a farmer i saw the Goodness everything in rice field and i want to promote local products as there voice in social media farmers need to see there worth by expanding what product they work and that’s the planting rice we should need to be known not only us but the people behind every bowl of rice in our table. we can produce our own coffee also in cheap and healthy because this is organic no chemical added doctors agree to take and use this specially those having acid problems.

How is your company keeping up the pace with the emerging developments in the market?

I use social media promoting local products Instagram tweeter Facebook and talks to people privately.

How do you ensure the quality of services in your company?

Its organic no chemical added that’s it.

What kind of clients do you serve?

I serve all because I’m promoting local products and healthiness in all ages without side effects.

How is your company keeping up with technological advancements? How does it help you in staying ahead in the market?

I don’t use chemicals i use advance communication i don’t not use yet big machine because I’m still in my first stage of business I don’t yet reach the highest peak and i need a help.

What are the methods used from your end to keep your employees motivated? What approaches do you implement to evaluate their success?

Just one thing I want to be successful together with my team i let them know always my success is also there success we all together dream and work HIGH.

What are the achievements and accolades the company is proud of?  

we are recognized in radio station and in rappler and in swak na swak tv program but still this is not enough.

How are you giving back to society? (CSR if Any?)

I’m not yet successful actually I’m in hardship but I’m not given up because i believe this product will left up not only me but to the whole farms and the society we will be known and we will be help others a lot people will engage to healthy living specially we are now facing into pandemic we all need to be HEALTHY. I’m not able not to give back anything or money back but i can share my story and share things to motivate others never give up.


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