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Name of the Company: Unwired India
CEO and Founder: Tanmay Arora

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 Please write about your company in detail and the services you provide.

Unwired India is a neurotech-startup that aims at integrating state-of-the-art research and developments in STEM, for catalyzing the transition of Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. We develop avant-garde, non-invasive neurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s most critical issues and challenges. Our mission is to take cutting-edge brain research directly into the lives and homes of people, thereby fostering a unique culture of sustainable neuroscience and scientific literacy in India. Founded in 2020, we are the pioneers of Nootropics and non-invasive Neurotechnology devices in the country, and offer much more than high-quality, delicious Brain Nutrition products for daily cognitive support; a full-service health and fitness startup that has become an important part of the local community, here in New Delhi, India.

We develop non-GMO, all-natural nootropic (smart-drug) formulations, Himalayan herb blends and specialized amino-nutraceutical interventions and supplements for enhanced brain function, cognition, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration.

​Through our start-up venture called “Unwired India”, we wish to take Neuroscience to the daily lives and homes of people, thereby making ‘Brain Nutrition’ accessible to the masses in the form of- a cognitive chocolate bar fused with herbal extracts, a smart-drug coffee roast and a herbal tea blend, based on traditional Indian system of medicine. Several of these drugs have been used for thousands of years to effectively manage neurological health issues and recent research in India, U.S. and Germany has proven their efficacy. We intend to employ an evidence-based modern scientific approach towards managing neurodegenerative diseases, depression, traumatic brain injury in soldiers and other geriatric problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How did you get your idea for your business?

At Unwired India we believe in Diversity for Disruption.

Standing by our vision we are attempting to catalyse the transition from Neuroscience to Neurotechnology. 19th-century Genetics has now evolved into 21st Century Genomics. Consequently, Biology of the past has become ‘Biotechnology’ of the present. A few years ago we went from the Neuron to the Perceptron, which clearly marked the onset of a new dawning era in Neuroscience. At Unwired India, our scientists & researchers are currently engaged in this quest of transforming traditional Neuroscience into Neurotechnology and personalized Neuromedicine. Join us in this transition as we attempt to take Neuroscience into the homes of people!

How is your company keeping up the pace with the emerging developments in the market?

Beyond Borders: Integrating Traditional Indian Medicine with emerging Technologies for a 360° Perspective

 Sanskriti for Disruption: Unleashing the Minds of 600 Million Young People for a new developing India.

At Unwired India, we believe in a user-driven approach, as we aim to make personalized, consumer-centric Indian innovations our primary objective. We believe in utilizing the efforts of traditional Indian artisans, cultivators, and farmers in order to pay back to society. We give due recognition to the contribution of the traditional artisans as ‘co-creators’ in the process of manufacturing our products. By integrating their knowledge and long-established skills with our modern approach and resources, we aim to boost their social-economic development and drive their expertise beyond borders.

We provide opportunities to highly-motivated business personnels to join as a part of our team, in the form of channel partners, distributors, stockists, dealers, regional managers, and online business partners. We are actively employed in fostering an active working environment with income generation and operation opportunities for rural communities of India, helping them with a platform to manifest their revolutionary ideas.

Join us as we attempt to integrate 3,500-year-old Vedic traditions and conventional Indian Medicine modalities with new emerging technologies in Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Computer Sciences.

How do you ensure the quality of services in your company?

As proud pioneers of Neuroblends, Nootropics and Neurotechnology innovations in India our team of researchers and technicians work day and night to bring to you our wide range of services and products. We at Unwired India employ our time and resources to create the most optimum customer-centric value proposition by bringing you your cognitive support through daily cups of our premium Focal Bean Coffee and Whole Leaf Green Tea. We intend to create an exotic drinking experience for beverage connoisseurs that is worth every sip.

Our team also ensures rapid response and consultation to our valuable patrons; always attempting to get the right information across at the right time. Having a consumer centric model in place allows us to give first priority to the wellness of our clients.

The purpose of the various projects ongoing under Unwired India (The Plastic Brains Project, The Hope Project, etc) is the dissemination of awareness and knowledge about brain-health.

Our catalytic intervention also allows us to actively involve our end users directly at Unwired India thus ensuring their maximum participation in mapping the journey of the products & services they finally consume.  

How is your company keeping up with technological advancements? How does it help you in staying ahead in the market?

As a Neuro-technology start-up, innovation is at the very heart of our business. We combine technology and consumerism to bring the latest scientific developments to the homes and lives of the people. Research and Development driven by science and technology is fundamental to our functioning here at Unwired India which consequently allows us to identify potential roadblocks at a fairly early stage and also stay at the forefront of technological development and innovation.

Being one of the very few Indian companies working in the field of research behind the production of Neuroblends and Nootropics, gives us a competitive edge in the market as we are the ones catalysing some of the major breakthroughs in the country.

What are the methods used from your end to keep your employees motivated?

Motivating people is rarely a methodical task, it has to have a personal edge to relationships with the individuals and teams that one works with. Knowing them by their limitations, their enthusiasms and their mechanisms, it becomes quite easy to assign them tasks of relevance, and eventually the relevance becomes an intrinsic motivation.

Knowledge of processes and plans also aids motivation, as when one knows that their contribution is specific to them and hence valuable, they become important to them just as the one assigning them those.

What approaches do you implement to evaluate their success?

Learning is perhaps the most efficient evaluation method, be it in qualitative/quantitative sense or even as an improvement in attitudes and conduct. Provided that promptness and participation are effects of willingness to improve, any individual who consistently proves it by these, wouldn’t need an external evaluation. What is left for the guides and leaders then is to merely monitor their adherence to instructions and previous comments, and how well they understand their importance.

What are the achievements and accolades the company is proud of?

  1. Nominated for the prestigious Indian Achiever’s Award 2021- “Promising Startup Award” by IAF India.
  2. Recognized as one of the “Top 10 Biotech Startups 2021” by the Industry Outlook Magazine.

 How are you giving back to society? (CSR if Any?)

Creating a new ecosystem for Youth Neuroscience in India

We at Unwired India, are actively involved in invoking youth-driven disruptive change, by helping transform society to transform business, science, technology and innovation by unleashing the minds of 600 million youngsters and leveraging diversity for disruption to further scale the impact across and beyond the glass ceiling.


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