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Name of the Company: Lardi and Partner Consulting
CEO and Founder: Kamales Lardi

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Please write about your company in detail and the services you provide.

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH is a boutique consultancy specializing in digital business transformation and emerging technologies. We enable organizations to transform traditional business models, processes, and operations to meet the needs of the digital economy and customer experience. We help companies define your customer’s needs and identify the best ways to utilize digital and emerging technologies across the business value chain to gain sustainable returns.

How did you get your idea for your business?

When I started the company 10 years ago, emerging technologies were beginning to transform the global business landscape. Back then, I saw a great potential to build the right capabilities required to help corporations navigate a new disruptive business landscape. I was well positioned to lead in this space based on my years of experience in corporate strategy, technology implementation and business optimization. Additionally, I wanted to build a new business model for consulting that was agile and dynamic. This led me to establish a ‘modular’ consulting firm with a small core team and extensive pool of experts who plug-in and out of client engagements as required.

How do you ensure the quality of services in your company?

Our team works closely with clients to ensure that we gain a deep understanding of their business and industry. This is critical, as it allows us to find the best business transformation and technology solutions required to create a sustainable competitive advantage for our client companies. A core business values – authentic, bold and high value – drive our engagement with companies and help us stand out in the market.

What kind of clients do you serve?

We have advised mostly multinational companies across various industries in Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition, over the years we have also advised SMEs, startups and the public sector. Our focus on creating value in business enabled by technology has help the company stand out. I often say, ‘technology is not a silver bullet solution, a clear value proposition should drive any transformation effort’. This approach resonates well with many business leaders and has helped her stand out in the digital space.

How is your company keeping up with technological advancements? How does it help you in staying ahead in the market?

As experts in digital business transformation and emerging technologies, we cover a wide range of topics and solution implementations. We truly believe in the transformative impact of emerging technologies for business and our lives in general. To stay current, we have developed deep knowledge and practical experience in a range of emerging technology solutions, such as blockchain, AI, virtual and augmented reality, 3D-printing, IoT and sensor technologies, and robotics process automation among others. We deep dive into these topics to understand its potential in business, and work closely with global experts to deliver the best solutions to clients.

What are the achievements and accolades the company is proud of?

Lardi & Partner Consulting received the 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Award from Business Worldwide Magazine in the category ‘Digital Business Transformation Firm of the Year‘.

In addition, our CEO, Kamales Lardi, has received numerous awards including:

  1. “Top 10 Global Influencers & Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation” (Thinkers360, 2021)
  2. The Top 50 Women in Tech – Influencers to Follow (2021)
  3. Top 20 visionaries of media and technology industry Adello Magazine, 2021)
  4. First ever Forbes Business Council Women Executives Chair (2021)
  5. Women in Fintech Powerlist (2017)

How are you giving back to society? (CSR if Any?)

Over the years, our CEO has been actively involved in mentoring startups and helping to drive transformation in the business-technology space. In addition, Kamales Lardi works with women from underprivileged background who are building a career in STEM as a mentor. We have also built technology solutions to drive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including a blockchain-based traceability solution for agriculture supply chain, specifically the palm oil industry.


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